Who We Are?

DRivera Enterprises Inc. dba Logistical Enterprises:
Founded in 2009 to provide materials for contractors benefiting through a DBE partnership on projects throughout California.

Since then, Logistical Enterprises has expanded its offices, and warehouse space, to efficiently provide to all of its customer base.

Centrally located in Clovis, CA, Logistical Enterprises is continually expanding its product line, and services to maintain the level of service that its customers have come to expect. - Doing what we do best, connecting people with products.


How we do it

Logistical Enterprises maintains our Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification, by working with our supply partners and contractors so that we can provide a Commercially Useful Function (CUF) for each project we work on.

  • Step 1

    Contractors request quotes for materials from Logistical Enterprise

  • Step 2

    Logistical Enterprises We receive quote request from contractor

  • Step 3

    Logistical Enterprises solicits Vendor quote

  • Step 4

    Logistical Enterprises creates price quote worksheet & sends to contractor

  • Step 5

    Contractor reviews quotes & issues PO.

  • Step 6

    Logistical Enterprises receives PO from contractor

  • Step 7

    Logistical Enterprises receives PO from contractor

  • Step 8

    Logistical Enterprises follows up for deliver

  • Step 9

    Logistical invoices Contractor when items are receive

  • Step 10

    Contractor Pays Logistical Enterprises

Our Valued Customers

Mike Brown Electric lnc

Studebaker Brown Electric, lnc

St Francis Electric, LLC

Sturgeon Electric Calofornia,LLC

Elecnor Belco Electric, lnc

W.Bradly Electric, lnc

Collins Electrical Co,lnc

Bentancourt Bros.Construction lnc

Pacific Excavation lnc

Loop Electric

Highway Electric

Gremelli Industries

Crosstown Electrical & Data

Our Vendors

JAM Services lnc

Tesco Controls

Walters Wholesale



JTB Supply


M.H.Corbin, LLC

Traffic Logix lnc

Saft Co Supply lnc